I’m not one to usually falls for things that are too good to be true. But when I saw that I could potentially get $750 deposited into my Venmo account just by trying out some deals, I couldn’t help but be curious. So, I decided to check it out and see if it was legit. Turns out, it is! Thanks, Flash Rewards! Here’s how it works…

How Flash Rewards Work?

Answer: You just have to follow the instructions carefully! Flash Rewards work by showing you “deals” that they think you would like.

This includes mobile apps and games, subscriptions, financial services, etc. Each type of deal you choose has its mini task to complete.

For example, there was a deal for an app called Dosh where you could get $5 just for signing up and linking your bank account. Another deal was for a service called Acorns, where you could get $10 for signing up and investing $5 into a portfolio. There were also deals for things like subscription boxes and other financial services. Overall, I found the deals to be pretty easy to complete and didn’t take too much time.

Don’t Try Vemno If You Can’t Follow Instructions.

If you think getting $750 is too good to be true, just know that it’s legit, BUT you have to read the instructions and give your time. For example, one of the requirements is that you have to keep each deal installed on your phone for 7 days before completing the next one. So if you’re someone who likes to uninstall apps right after using them, this probably isn’t for you.

In Conclusion

All in all, I’m really happy that I found out about this program and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for easy ways to make some extra cash. Just remember to follow the instructions carefully and don’t try to cheat the system! Otherwise, you could end up losing out on the opportunity altogether. Thanks, Flash Rewards!

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