Tranya T10

Design, Comfort & Battery Life

Are you looking for a pair of reliable wireless earphones? Look no further than the Tranya T10s. These earphones are perfect for people who lead active lifestyles, thanks to their secure and comfortable fit. They also deliver great sound quality, making them perfect for listening to music or taking calls on the go. So if you’re in the market for some new headphones, be sure to check out the Tranya T10s!

Tranya is one of those manufacturers that has a consistent design within its product line. The case of the Tranya T10 is precisely as big as earlier models like the Tranya T3, T1-Pro and B530, although it’s much more rounded this time. It’s still relatively big, with the earpieces swimming in the middle of the case, and lots of room around them.

The case does feel good, though, with a robust hinge in the lid and fingerprint-free material. It has good specs too. You can recharge it via USB-C or wirelessly, and it shows its current battery status via four LED-lights on the front. It has enough power to restore the earpieces four times fully, giving the earbuds up to 7 hours playtime on a single charge. A great score. Also, a 10-minute charge gives you another hour of music.

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Like the case, the earbuds are recognizable as Tranya’s, with the T-pattern on the touch panels and oval design. On the inside, things are different than T3 and T1-Pro.

Tranya T10 water test
T10 Waterproof

Instead of following the shape of your ears, the T10 has obvious bumps that go into your ears. Because they protrude from the rest of the earphones, the Tranya T10 sticks out your ears a bit when you’re wearing them. They do stay in during a rapid head-shaking test, and also stay in place when you’re smiling broadly. They’re comfortable as well – they just don’t offer the tightest grip. Happily, they are heavy rain and sweat-resistant thanks to their IPX7 waterproof-rating.

Connectivity and controls

Tranya T10 Pro Touch Control
Tranya T10 Touch Control

The T10 has touch panels in the round part of the earbuds. Tranya found a way to eliminate wrong actions on them: there is no function attached to a quick tap. Pausing or resuming music playback, requires a 1-second tap. You’ll get a beep in return, letting you know your action succeeded.

There are volume controls as well: tap the right earbud twice to increase volume; the left earbud twice to decrease it. You skip a track with three taps on the right side and return a song with three taps on the left bud. There is no option to activate the voice assistant on your phone.

The Tranya T10 has excellent connection strength, delivering a stable signal up to ten meters from your device, even with thin walls in between. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to rapidly switch between mono and stereo mode. You can keep listening to the right earpiece while charging the left one, but not the other way around. The T10 also doesn’t automatically pause when you take an earbud out.

Calling and watching movies

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Tranya-T10-Review Watching Movies

Sometimes, when a manufacturer claims ‘crystal clear calls’ on the box… they’re right.

The Tranya T10 has excellent call quality, with outstanding clarity of your voice. It feels natural to take a call with these, as you will hear both the lower and higher tones of the person you’re talking too – not just the typical telephone flatness.

It handles both indoor and outside calls very well. Darker surrounding noises, such as cars, trains, and electronic humming, are filtered out of calls entirely. Sudden higher-pitched noises do come through, but don’t often interfere with your voice. As always, the wind is audible. However, it’s perfectly safe to take a call with these.

Watching videos with the Tranya T10 is a joy, as audio synchronizes with video perfectly on Android and iPhone, including the challenging YouTube-app. 2 There is a noticeable delay in sound effects when playing games, however, as is the case on almost all wireless earbuds.

Sound Quality

Like the shape of the charging case, the sound of the Tranya T10 continues on previous models. It combines a pronounced bass with clarity on top, although it can sound a bit grainy at times.

Turn on some jazz, blues, classical pieces, soul, or other music genres with lots of acoustic instruments and often high-quality recordings, and you’ll hear what the Tranya T10 has to offer. It delivers a wide soundstage with instruments coming in from your left and right, clearly separated from each other. A guitar can sound close by to your right, while the piano plays further away on your left. Detail and texture are spot-on.

Vocals on the Tranya T10 have their place in the music. They are in your head, rather than sounding around you. Both male and female vocals enjoy some emphasis, but not as much as on most earbuds tuned for heavy bass and highs. Rather than that, the T10 offers more detail in the mids, again representing instruments well – from the boosted lower-mids like drum kicks to violins up high. Vocals play an excellent part in between.

Unfortunately, the Tranya T10 can sometimes strikes as harsh or sharp in the highs. It can happen when a singer empowers her voice, and a volume peak appears. The upper-mids can also have something raw. The T10 aims for clarity and delivers often, but it can appear a bit grainy – a bit rusty. Overall, upper-mids and highs are better controlled than previous Tranya models like the T3 or T1-Pro.

In the bass department, there’s a steady mid-bass slam and sub-bass that can provide deep rumbles. The T10 has no problems displaying separate basslines together, and in easier-going songs the bass has a sweet impact.

When more crowded songs up their bass, however, the lows on the Tranya can become too crowded, giving them so much attention, it goes at the cost of vocals and other higher tones. In fact – even the soundstage and instrument separation can take a hit in more crowded, bassy songs, preventing the T10 from being the most versatile TWS.

Despite its rough edge, however, the Tranya T10 often treats you with pronounced bass, lots of detail, and a wide soundstage.


The Tranya T10 are priced at $80 officially. However, at the time of writing, Amazon is selling them for just $40.

At that price, the T10 are a steal. They have good build quality, comfort, wireless charging, and a sufficiently long battery life. The only issue for me is the audio quality, which goes hard on the bass but lacks mid-range detail.

Then again, most buyers in this price range prefer a similar sound or in the very least, wouldn’t be particularly picky about it as long as the bass is abundant.

If you can get these for the $40 price, I’d suggest you pick them up. Even at full price, they aren’t a bad deal unless you care about audio quality, in which case I’d suggest you look elsewhere.

The Tranya T10 earbuds are alright for mixed usage. Their portable, stable design makes them suitable to wear during your workouts. They have a nine-hour continuous battery life, and their portable charging case makes it easy to bring them on-the-go. While they can isolate against voices and other sharp sounds, they struggle to block out the sound of bus or plane engines, so they may not be the best choice for commuting and traveling. Also, their excited sound profile isn't ideal for neutral sound.

Tranya was established in 2016 by our founder, Taylor who is a music enthusiast. Being an audio professional, Taylor rejects the myth that incredible sounds are only priced at astronomical figures. Therefore, the Tranya team is formed & driven by a group of passionate music lovers & acoustic engineers that are committed to deliver solutions by using the latest technology to improve the sound quality in a budget-friendly manner.

  • Well-built with IPX7 rating
  • Comfortable
  • Impressive bass response
  • Wireless charging
  • Great price
  • 9-hour continuous battery life.
  • Sound lacks mid-range detail
  • Not comfortable for all users.
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