Disclosure: Pilot is supported by our users. We may earn a small commission fee when you click on affiliate links on our website, and all recommendations are independently reviewed. When you’re making bookings for a trip, there’s nothing better than finding a sweet deal on flights. That said, you could spend hours trying to find cheap flights or great deals. One way to cut down on that time is to use a specialized travel booking site. As a newer travel service on the scene, could WayAway be the perfect travel site for your next adventure? Discover all the need-to-know details about WayAway in this review and find out whether you should explore this flight aggregator when you plan your next trip!

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What is WayAway?

WayAway describes itself as a brand for travelers made by travelers. Their goal is to help travelers find cheap flights. 

As an aggregator company, they search all tickets for the best deal. You then book your flight through agencies and directly through airlines without having to do all the searching yourself. 

WayAway also has something called a Plus Membership Plan. By joining this, you become eligible for cashback on flights, accommodation, tours, and more!

In addition to using their website to search for cheap flights, you can also download the WayAway app on the App Store or Google Play.

How does WayAway work?

As an aggregator, WayAway pulls together prices and details from all over the web to help you find the best deals on flights, hotels, and more. 

To see what fares they can find you, simply plug in your intended destination, dates, and how many passengers are flying. From there, WayAway will give you all your options.

When you input a destination, you’ll be given the option to see a price chart that helps you find the cheapest date to travel. 

By clicking on details for any given flight, you can see what luggage is included and the amenities the airline offers. You’ll also be provided with information about seat pitch, width, and the typical seat arrangement for that flight. 

If you’re a more spontaneous traveler, you can also use their Explore the Map function to see where you can travel from any city. 

While WayAway does cover the entire world, its best coverage is within the US. Put in your starting destination, and WayAway will pull up destinations that you can fly to for as little as $10!

WayAway Plus Membership 

Anybody can use WayAway’s cheap flight finder, but you can only access their cashback scheme as a Plus Member.

For $49.99 a year, you’ll gain cashback on the bookings you make via WayAway. Some of the rewards are as follows:

  • Up to 5% on flights
  • Up to 10% on hotels
  • Up to 5% on rental cars
  • Up to 6% on Viator Tours 
  • Up to 8% on GetYourGuide Experiences 

WayAway also has partnerships with other companies such as Tiqets and Hostelworld that allows you to receive cashback on purchases from these partners. 

When you book a flight or a hotel with a Plus membership, the website will tell you what cashback you’ll receive. You can then withdraw your cashback at any time into a Paypal account.

In addition to cashback, Plus membership gives you the added benefit of having access to WayAway’s 24/7 customer service team, who can help you with any questions. 

You’ll also have access to their Hidden Gems page if you’re a Plus member. Gems are tips and best-kept secrets that locals tell you about a city. This is a unique and extremely helpful feature.  

Use our promo code for WayAway Plus Memberships! If you’re interested, simply purchase a Plus Membership here, and use the code TP-371896. 

WayAway Alternatives

WayAway is a newer company, and you may feel more comfortable using established companies for your flight searches. 

Before you dive into all the different sites, be sure to read up on how to find cheap flights to make your research smooth and easy! 

Skyscanner is another option that also helps you find the cheapest flights available so that you can save money on flight tickets and have extra cash for fun experiences, beautiful accommodation, and delicious food! 

WayAway Reviews

Since WayAway is a newer company, it’s not yet been used by countless travelers. 

That being said, there are reviews out there that applaud its services. Travelers have been generally positive about the cashback option with flights.

Other travelers have also commented on the ease of use of WayAway’s platforms and how smooth it is to search for your travel locations and dates. With a clean layout, and a simple, navigable search bar, it makes booking flights or hotels easy. 

The only negative that travelers have mentioned so far is the occasional discrepancy between the posted price and the actual price. Since WayAway is an aggregator, it collects prices from other sources and can sometimes offer prices that are out of date or sold out already. 

WayAway Affiliates

In addition to their Plus Membership, WayAway also has an affiliate program. This allows you to earn money on your travel content by partnering with WayAway. 

On average, partners make 1.1% on the ticket price and $10 with every purchase of Plus membership. WayAway also uses the 30-day cookies lifetime, so you can still earn commissions if someone uses your link up to 30 days after initially clicking on it. 

If you’re interested in branching out and becoming a partner with more travel sites, be sure to check out Travelpayouts. They’re an extensive affiliate network that will help you boost your travel-related views and earn some money simultaneously!

WayAway Customer Support

Although 24/7 support is offered to Plus members, those who aren’t members don’t have quite the same level of support. 

While there is a detailed support page on their website, the only other way to contact them is via the “contact us” form on their website. 

You can also try to reach WayAway via their social media profiles. They’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! 

Is WayAway worth it?

Whether you’re hoping to earn some cash back or explore the cheapest options for flights, WayAway is a website you should add to your travel resources. 

Not only is the site straightforward to navigate, but it’s super clear on what’s included in the ticket and what options you have for your chosen route. I also like that when you look at the details of a flight, it tells you the included amenities and seat details beyond a simple one-word description like “economy.”

The Plus membership is worth exploring for some cashback perks, especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Every flight search will tell you exactly how much cashback you’re going to get, and the fact that you can withdraw via Paypal at any time makes the process smooth and easy. 

Whether you pursue cashback with a Plus membership or just stick to using WayAway for plain old flight bookings, you’ll be saving yourself money and stress. 

Once you know where you’re going and how you’re getting there, it’s time to start planning the fun parts of your next adventure! 

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Did we mention that it’s completely free? Try it out now!

Our Rating: 4.0/5

  • Easy website to navigate
  • Cashback program
  • Affiliates program
  • Flight options come with seat options and descriptions
  • Local Gem neighborhood guides that are written by locals, for Plus members
  • Newly established company
  • Prices shown aren't always fully accurate
  • Few ways to contact customer support
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